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Delivering Bibles

7 Nov 2014
So with the concrete work done on 52 cisterns . . .

A Big Project

Updated: 13 Aug 2014
We are at the 5th week of a 12ish week cistern project . . .


Updated: 13 Aug 2014
Bertina and Valentina continue to do very well . . .

Tree Give Away

13 Aug 2014
We gave trees away in an area called Felsab today . . .


13 Aug 2014
We had a good night showing God's Message in Faltine . . .

The Second Hope Study Completed

26 Jul 2014
It was just fantastic to be a part of helping 19 more folks finish . . .

It's All About The Rain

24 Jul 2014
A wet spring helped the tree project tremendously by causing the trees to produce abundant fruit . . .

Latest Project Underway & Cisterns Overflowing

7 May 2014
Since beginning building cisterns in January of this year, we have completed 31 . . .

Ending The Year Well

10 Dec 2013
Our final showing of the year of Lespwa on 8 December went very well . . .

Photo Gallery Addition: Signs of Christmas

7 Dec 2013
We don't have the crisp weather or the barrage of ads here, but . . .

The Hope Study

16 Nov 2013
Our first group to participate in The Hope study finished today . . .

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Welcome to HaitiHospital.org. We are glad you found us. We are a small ministry, a few folks that God has called off the sidelines to serve Him. We can humbly say that this little mission is able to accomplish God-sized things as we dare to seek Him, to fulfill the role He has for us. If you find yourself on the sidelines, we hope, as you find out more about how God is working here, you will be encouraged to take the wonderful privilege of service in His Kingdom work, here or wherever He leads you. We are but one of his ministries. Find the one He leads you to and get involved. Make a difference. "Just one life, 'twill soon be past, only what's done for Christ will last."