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Together We Can Change The Lives Of The People Of Northwest Haiti

We are challenged to show the love of God in tangible ways, not in word only. God can use you to change the lives of the Haitian people through His love.

Health & Medicine

Provide medical and spiritual care to the more than 50,000 individuals and families of rural northwestern Haiti, including premature and low birth-weight infants and new mothers.

Clean Water & Sustainability

Ensure availability of clean water through wells and cisterns construction. New wells on the Hospital site help the local community with clean drinkable water. More than 700 community cisterns conserve millions of gallons of rainwater to provide a useable water source

Faith & Education

Forging communities with local pastors to ensure God’s message of hope is heard and available to all and fostering youth education, both classroom and spiritual.

We serve a population of about 50,000 in Bombardopolis, a remote area of Northwest Haiti that is notoriously poor and unsettled. Our challenges are practical as well as spiritual, yet we endeavor to show the love of God as we meet basic needs of people in Jesus' name. For 40 years we have been the only consistent source of healthcare in the area, we serve because Jesus tells us to in the scriptures Matthew 25:35-40.

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Your prayers and gifts of time and money directly impact the quality of life in Bombardopolis!

Missionary Need: We are looking for additional on-site missionary support for Russ and our team in Haiti. If you or someone you know is called to missions and would like to consider this work in Haiti, we are in need of short-term, mid-term or long term missionaries. Please contact us at for more information.