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  • The Widows Experience Lespwa

    24 September 2013

    We had some mechanical problems with the small generator that we use for showing Lespwa. After getting it fixed, we wanted to give it a real-time workout before we went back out to show the film at a church. We realized that we had not shown it to the lovely ladies at the widows home so we did just that. They loved it and were touched. All of the six ladies are professing Christians, two making professions after they came to stay at the widows home.

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  • Sky & the Widows - Update from Betsy

    19 September 2013

    When Sky was on his 5 week stay here with us in Bombard we had the opportunity to visit the widow women every night for about 3 weeks. I was going down there to help give out some nightly medications and so I decided to invite Sky along. It seems no matter what kind of day I was having before I went to visit the widows my mood was noticeably lighter after having spent just a few minutes with them. The widows just love to have people come and visit with them. I am still learning the language so don't understand everything they are telling me but that doesn't seem to matter to them at all, they just want someone to listen to the stories that they have to tell. I know Sky really enjoyed going down to visit the widows too because just about every night he would ask if I minded if he came along. The widows just loved him. I remember the first visit that Sky made with me, the widows were so excited to have a "visitor" come and see them that a couple of the able ones got up from their chairs cheering that they had a visitor and immediately came and kissed him on the cheeks and wanted him to dance with them. They would get so excited when I brought Sky along that all at once they would want me to translate to him their greetings as well as whatever else it was that they wanted me to relay to him. Sky would dance with them, sing songs for them and just sit and listen to them even though he couldn't understand anything they were telling him. I have a soft spot in my heart for those widow women, they are such a joy.

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  • Ernilia

    26 September 2012

    Ernilia came to live in our widows home a few years ago. She lived a hard life and had great need--no one able to care for her in her old age. Ernilia had a terrible health issue and Ernilia was blind. Soon after Ernilia came to live at the widows home she began a relationship with Jesus as her Savior and Lord. Through all her suffering and blindness she maintained a sweet spirit.

    Yesterday afternoon Ernilia went home to to be with her Lord. My first thought? She can see Him. She suffers no more.

    Ernilia lived her whole life in poverty. When she had nowhere to go God provided a way for her. America Christians have so many distractions. We have it too good for our own good in many ways. Still, God offers that we can live for Him and have not only the assurance of everlasting life later but that that new life starts now.

    Please don't let fleeting pleasures and a bunch of cool stuff rob you of your privilege of serving Christ and storing a reward for the eternity. The little, one-line poem contains so much truth: "Just one life, it soon be past--only what's done for Christ will last."

  • A Small But Appreciated Harvest

    7 February 2012

    We are in much need of rain, and the Widows Home is looking very dry now. There is a garden area with banana trees, and other things are raised as well. We raise as much of what the widows eat as we can. We have a shade house in which we grow vegetables when the season is right. Currently, however, the only thing growing is cabbage and that only because we are able to water it from a cistern.

    We received a harvest of peanuts (Creole-pistach), which were grown locally by Mdm Sever (pronounced Sa VAIR), the lady who prepares the meals for the widows. The widows love to be involved in the work of their home, including shelling beans or peas or peanuts. The peanuts will be made into peanut butter.

    The photo below of the three ladies are (L-R) St Terez, Mdm Sever, and Marsili. St Terez is the life of the place. She says, "I worked hard all my life, now I'm gonna have fun." The lady in the photo with the boy is Yaya; she is one of our two blind widows. In the background of the picture of the peanuts is Wilna, the caretaker of the place. She spends 5 days a week, day & night, with the widows.

    We currently have 6 widows and have room for more when the need presents. We would like to have more. The Widows Home is a great part of our ministry and is fully supported. The home has two 2500 gallon cisterns and a kitchen, Mdm Sever prefers to cook with charcoal.

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