Group Photos

  • Hospital Roof Replacement Teams

    14-31 January 2012

    Group 2 came and Group 1 left using the same flight with Missionary Aviation Fellowship.
    (L-R) Alan Rennells, Ed Ashley, JJ Bates, Lisa Huff, Clayton Huff, Tim Ruck, Maggie Huff, Ed Stanley, Billy Orme, David Peters, Jake Betts, Jeremiah Peters, Joshua Pretzer (Jerusha Hardin not pictured)

    GROUP 1 (L-R): Sharon, Steve, Faith, Tim Ruck, Jerusha Hardin, Alan Rennells, Betsy, JJ Bates, Clayton Huff, Billy Orme, Ed Ashley

    Betsy Rennells with her father, Alan. Betsy is here full time. Alan was able to accompany here here and help with the roof project.

    GROUP 2 (L-R): Steve, Faith, Clayton Huff, Lisa Huff, Ed Stanley, Maggie Huff, Jake Betts, David Peters, Josh Pretzer, Betsy, Jeremiah Peters, Sharon, Dan

    Jake Betts, David Peters, Josh Pretzer, Jeremiah Peters from Flint Hills CC in Cottonwood Falls, KS

    Steve, Faith, Betsy, Sharon, Dan

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