The Road To & From

November 2013

Photos by Dan Beardsley
The trip to and from Port-au-Prince can be grueling and the roads are, well, hard to describe. The 165 mile trip takes 8-9 hours, which is actually a big improvement over the 12-13 it took a few years ago. The 60 miles closest to Bombarde take 5 hours to cover, that is 12 mph average the way I cipher it. The question has been asked, "Isn't the trip boring?" The answer, "If we are fortunate," meaning we hope the trip has no flat tires, roadblocks or accidents, etc. to take away from the monotony.

Seeing God's beauty helps get through the trip, and it is everywhere. What an amazing, creative Savior we have! He is so extravagant in His display of glory. To Him be all praise. See Romans, Chapter One. What will the coming world, which will be unaffected by sin, be like? I am in awe that we will have eternity to worship & enjoy, Him and explore & enjoy His creation.

(Three of the photos below show one of the large trucks, called kamyon, which make regular trips from rural areas of Haiti to the city to deliver charcoal and whatever else folks have to sell. They haul provisions and supplies back out with them. It is easy to say that were it not for all the charcoal that is made, deforestation would not be a problem. Thing is, people need to have an income and making charcoal is the largest opportunity of a very few to feed, clothe, house, and educate their families.

The ribbons, shown in a couple of these photos, are typical of some of the work (we wish there was more of it) done in the worst areas to give a more drive-able surface.)

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