International Missionary Fellowship - Nutrition Center

We have had children in the center with severe malnutrition, TB, AIDS. We provide free medical care (with assistance from Christian Aid Ministries) for them as well as food through the assistance of World Food Program and Truth Ministries and Sustainable Food Production.

We also have a program to provide formula for babies whose mother's have died or can't nurse them for a medical reason.  We have had friends raise funds for this program through various endeavors.

We have a program for distributing food for a group of poor elderly and debilitated people in our area on a monthly basis as well through the assistance of Christian Aid Ministries.

Supplemental Milk Program

This program is a means of providing for babies the milk they need to survive.

If possible mothers are encouraged to nurse their infants; however, when this is not possible we offer supplements. When we have a baby whose mother has died, or that has an illness that requires her to use artificial milk or if a baby has lactose intolerance we offer supplemental formula.

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