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    • Hospital Evangelique: test driving the new (refurbished) x-ray machine.
    • The Cistern Project: we loaned the gutter machine to the organization that originally gave it to us.
    • The Holy Bible: The Family Life Bible and The Hope Bible studies continue to go well.
    • A "Choose Your Own Adventure" moment involving an elderly lady.
    • Hospital Evangelique: the refurbished x-ray machine arrives, and an update on the local cholera outbreak.
    • Heavy rains over much of Haiti caused severe flooding and major problems two weeks after Hurricane Matthew.
    • Steve, Faith and Betsy share some Thanksgiving blessings and reflections.
    • Prayer requests
    • Hurricane Matthew
    • Hospital: purchasing a refurbished x-ray machine, prenatal ultrasound numbers, local cholera outbreak.
    • Prayer and Praise
    • Hospital Evangelique: Typhoid, Dr. Leandre, and a broken x-ray machine.
    • Fence project - the 7-year project to put a chain link fence all the way around the compound is nearing completion.
    • Mind games - Faith shares some of the mind games they encounter via observation.
    • Fruit in our lives - seeing illustrations of this in the tree project.
    • Blooming again - blessed with 2 inches of rain in the midst of a long hot, dry summer.
    • The Cistern Project: Looking at the numbers.
    • Prayer and Praise
    • As Dan and Sharon Beardsley prepare to leave Bombardopolis, Haiti, after 4½ years, they reflect on their time there, share insights, and express their thankfulness.
    • The story of Annué, a man of integrity.
    • Billy and William Orme and Clayton Davis came back with us on June 1 and helped us greatly while they were here.
    • Stories from the ceremony at the close of the recently completed and UN funded cistern project.
    • The Cistern Project: We just started a 28 cistern project which will make this year's total the most ever.
    • Bibles and Lespwa: Stocking up on Bibles; celebrating the completion of another Lespwa Bible Study.

  • Due to travel schedules, there is no newsletter for June 2016.

    • Hospital Evangelique: Dr. Leandre; AIDS treatment program.
    • The Cistern Project: The big project to build 84 rainwater cisterns is continuing to progress well.
    • Food Bearing Tree Project: We have recently given out a truckload of mango, cherry and almond trees.
    • Prayer requests and summer travel plans.
    • Evangelism and Discipleship.
    • The Cistern Project: The current cistern project, the largest single project we have undertaken, marches along smartly with 52 of 84 cisterns completed.
    • Hospital News: A going-away party for Dr. Joseph; Mme Steve (Faith) gets a surprise visit from two sets of twins; expansion of our community health outreach program.
    • A special gift on Dan's 60th birthday.
    • Hospital Evangelique: Betsy talks about Cholera reappearing in the area and transitioning between Gheskio doctors.
    • Dan and Sharon received an amazing gift from God when all three of their daughters, Dawn, Melissa & Danielle, and two 13-year-old grandkids, Christopher & Madelynn, came to visit. Their family shares their reflections from their visit.
    • Hospital Evangelique: Hospital statistics for 2015; one of our doctors, Jesus Lange Joseph, was married in December 2015.
    • Political unrest comes to northwest Haiti.
    • News from the Leaches: Steve & Faith bring you up-to-date on their lives.


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