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    • The Holy Bible: Christian Aid Ministries (CAM) have put together an advanced study of the Bible, which Anuee and Ascilio have attended and are excited to share locally
    • The Cistern Project: 2015 will be a record breaking year with 104 cisterns built, praise the Lord, and 2016 promises to be a fruitful year as well.
    • Hospital Evangelique: staffing updates; Betsy shares a story about learning to perform ultrasound; and a focus story on new baby kits
    • An open letter from Dan Beardsley
    • Hospital: A story from Betsy; our second year of helping students through the organization, Caris; nursing students complete one month of a practicum course; and in-house training for our community health workers.
    • The Cistern Project: Rain, current project and seeking another UN grant.
    • Lespwa: New Bible Study groups
    • Food Bearing Tree Project: Young trees and Hurricane Joaquin
    • Prayer for health concerns
    • What a difference a month can make! We thank the Lord for prayers answered with recent rains.
    • Lespwa Bible Study: another The Hope Bible Study has finished, the second completed in August. The closing was a beautiful thing to behold.
    • We are fortunate to have Micah Brickhill share some of her observations from her visit last month.
    • We had the privilege of having encouragers spend time with us recently. Cherie, Micah, and Nathan Brickhill came to Bombardopolis from Central Virginia.
    • Lespwa:We attended the little ceremony we always have as the attendees celebrate their completion of the Bible Study.
    • Prayer & Praises
    • We are thankful for God's provision in replacing the water pump at the house when it stopped working during a drought.
    • Hospital Evangelique: Through a partnership with Zanmi Haiti, we have expanded the vaccination program.
    • A summer vacation update.
    • The annual IMF Board meeting took place in St Louis, MO, on June 6.
    • Prayer & Praises
    • We are tasked with running a hospital in an area that has no access to the public utilities that we take for granted in the US. So what do we do?
    • The Cistern Project: It remains quite dry here; We have completed 30 cisterns out of the current 50-cistern project.
    • Bibles: Dan was pleasantly surprised.
    • The Cistern Project: Our latest big cistern project is off to a good start.
    • Food Bearing Tree Project: Reports from the community about distributed seedlings; what looks to be a promising mango harvest in the area this year.
    • Bibles: Ascilio, the real deal.
    • Hospital News: Our new night nurse; some recent hospital statistics.
    • Easter message.
    • Food Bearing Tree Project: Drought ends; plans for our first seedling distribution this year; Jean, fruit trees and the ramifications of our service to the Lord; our annual community donkey manure purchase; the poui tree.
    • The Cistern Project: As, by God's grace and provision, we have recently built cisern number 500, we reflect on where the project started, on reaching this mile marker, and on our hopes for the future.
    • Lespwa: The Bible Studies are off to a good start; we are grateful to our friends at Mars Hill Productions.
    • Premature Infant Rescue: We had the joy of seeing two premies we cared for last year, Valentina and Scarlet.
    • Prayer Request: For rain - it remains terribly dry.
    • Literacy and a book suggestion - by Dan
    • The Dry Season, Cisterns & Trees: it's dusty dry; a 24-cistern project began February 2; an update on the tree seedlings; the mature mango trees are loaded with flowers.
    • Lespwa: 19 folks completed the most recent Bible study program.
    • Premature Infant Rescue: Vita weighed 3lbs 14oz on February 16, and was finally able to go home with her mom, dad and twin brother.
    • The Widows Home: on January 9th we had a late Christmas party for the widows.
    • Hospital News: Betsy shares a heartfelt story about two sweet, little friends and the lessons she learned.
    • The missionaries share about their time spent with family in our home states over the holidays.
    • Premature Infant Rescue: after a scary start, a preemie girl has rejoined her family, including her twin, on the hospital grounds and is growing stronger.
    • Prayer request.


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