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    • A Christmas greeting
    • Premature Infant Rescue: the joys of taking care of Scarlet.
    • Food Tree Project: we installed the screening to complete the expansion of the shade house, and increase its capacity to grow seedlings for the local community.
    • Garage Roof Replacement: this was a three-day project to remove the old, rusted tin roof and its wood understructure and replace it with new finished steel roofing sections and trusses, making it stonger and termite proof.
    • The Cistern Project: Curt and Tricia recount three days of interesting cistern-related events that took place during their visit, including painting numbers on 40 cisterns, a MINUSTAH Inaugural meeting and selecting 20 homes to receive cisterns during the next big project beginning in February 2015.
    • A B.A.D. Weekend: also known as Betsy Appreciation Day weekend - it was a wonderful way for IMF to show Betsy how much she is loved, and how much she is appreciated for her hard work, commitment and dedication.
    • A Few Things: a story about TSA and the duffle bag, Thanksgiviing in Bombarde, and accolades to the chef.
    • Food Tree Project: Construction has begun to expand the shade house.
    • Hospital: Dr Joseph attended a Gheskio/AIDS treatment program meeting where she and and the hospital were recognized as top performers.
    • Hospital: Betsy gave a glimpse into how babies have affected their lives during October: trackng down the cause of postnatal minor infections, a baby boy rescued from an outhouse, and a mother & daughter made a surprise visit to Faith to thank her.
    • The Cistern Project: Our big cistern project is moving ahead right on schedule, with another two households added, putting the total to 54 cisterns in this project.
    • Rain & Food Bearing Tree Project: Steve relates that right now might just be the greenest he has ever seen our area at the beginning of October, which is a good thing for the Food Tree and Cistern projects.
    • Hospital: A 4am ambulance call; two pregnant staff members close to their delivery dates; and Betsy relates what is involved in a trip to Port to buy supplies.
    • "Since we are His children, we are His heirs. In fact, together with Christ we are heirs of God's glory. But if we are to share His glory, we must also share His suffering." - Romans 8:17
    • The Cistern Project: we're taking a break from the 50-cistern project so Ascilio can attend a 3-week Bible seminar near Port au Prince.
    • Lespwa Bible Study: we have 27 folks signed up for the study that begins September 13.
    • Food Bearing Trees: the seedlings are ready for distribution but are waiting on their ride to get fixed.
    • Hospital (we are excited that Betsy has decided to begin regularly bringing us updates on the hospital and related aspects of the ministry): an update on the great progress that the premie twin girls, Bertina and Valentina, are making and the story of an eventful and exciting ambulance ride.
    • Several Items: still feeling the effects of Chikungunya; planted seeds for the future; the second group of folks finished The HOPE study; kicked off a big cistern project on July 14; did a mobile clinic in a neighboring community on July 26 with all hospital staff; and July 30 brought 3/4" of rain and a set of premie twins, Bertina and Valentina.
    • The Wilson family, good friends and board members, spent time in Bombarde helping us out. They share their thoughts, observations, and what they experienced during this latest visit.
    • Chikungunya, a mosquito-borne illness, is making its way through the community.
    • Betsy's cousin, Aubrey Dunigan, shares some reflections about her time in Bombarde.
    • Food Bearing Trees: a plentiful mango season.
    • Nutrition Center: an update from Betsy on Rudeny's progress.
    • Betsy's long-time friend, Tonya, is visiting, as are two of our board members, Scott and Dynse Wilson (both MDs in Tuson, AZ), along with two of their children.
    • The Cistern Project: we recently completed a 4-cistern project at a school and are gearing up for a 40+ cistern project that we plan to kick off July 14.
    • Vacation time
    • Betsy Update: Helping children in the nutrition program; Rudeny, a 17-month-old girl who came in very sick; her cousin came for a visit.
    • Hospital News: New cancer screening.
    • The annual IMF board meeting, along with funding news for the cistern and food bearing tree projects.
    • Wisdom of Hudson Taylor
    • Rain & The Cistern Project: A very promising start to the rainy season; expressing in numbers the positive change that a cistern full of rain water brings to a family.
    • Lespwa & Bible News: Dan shares his experience of attending The Hope (Lespwa) Bible Study led by Ascilio, as well as the challenge he presented to the attendees.
    • The Cistern Project: More cisterns in the works as God continues to provide.
    • Food Bearing Tree Project: A church will include this project in their Vacation Bible School this year.
    • Bibles: A new shipment arrived.
    • Hospital News: Our lab at the hospital has undergone some major changes over the last few months.
    • Driving & Supplies & Port-au-Prince, Oh My! Our March trip to buy supplies in Port was a humongous undertaking.
    • Lynn Andrews, Josh Lusk, Garry Estes, Luke Renkoski, and John & Nancy Young, from Steve and Faith's home church, came to help with a couple of projects: the installation of a security fence around the grounds, the repair of our primary generator, and the upgrading of our accounting procedures.
    • Nancy shares her observations as well as some contrasts with an earlier trip to another part of the country. She also shares some nice photos she took while there.
    • Updates about cisterns, Lespwa and a problematic generator.
    • Curt & Tricia Meadows spent 2½ weeks in Bombarde and share their experience in this month's newsletter. Topics include Hospital Evangelique, Lespwa, The Cistern Project, internet access, as well as some random thoughts and observations. There are also numerous photos.
    • Preparations for a new chain link fence, Ascillio's ever growing involvement, the dry season is upon us, and praise for the hospital.
    • Back to work after a break, plus what's ahead.
    • Prayer requests.


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