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    • A sacrifice of praise to God.
    • 2013: Reflecting on His movement in Bombarde this year.
    • Hospital: Busy and filled to capacity; 3 cholera cases after none for months.
    • The Cistern Project: Grateful for a major source of funding that has now ended; a new project in January; consider the gift of a cistern this Christmas.
    • Missionaries: Holiday travels.
    • 2014: Looking forward to seeing God continue to move here next year. Anticipated visitors include a couple, a church group, and, hopefully, the return of Zanesville Medical Mission.
    • In the beginning God created . . .
    • Several Items: cisterns, Bibles, and a new, experienced lab technician
    • Betsy: Betsy had three generations of her family here visiting for a couple of weeks.
    • Hospital: Interesting, fiscal, year-end statistics we have compiled recently.
    • Leaches: Steve & Faith's travel plans for November.
    • Premature Infant Rescue: A tiny boy, Krisli, came to us on August 26, premature and underweight at 2 lbs. 10 oz.
    • The Cistern Project: We began a project to complete 9 cisterns on September 16 and expect to complete them by the end of the first week of October.
    • Lespwa: We had our first technical difficulty with showing Lespwa.
    • Rain & Food Bearing Tree Project: This has been a blessedly wet summer; we are on track to give out at least 500 trees by year's end.
    • Hospital: Updates, growing pains, new demands, budget considerations and renewed commitment.
    • Do you think God likes baseball? - by Dan
    • Reflections from Sky Brooks
    • Working in the Background, a look at Sharon Beardsley's important support role with our mission in Haiti.
    • Several Items: Dan & Sharon's visit Stateside (plus photos), trees & rain, nursing students, a new premie, and a Lespwa Bible Study.
    • After he was touched & humbled & convicted recently by someone he had never met before, Dan shared his thoughts about prayer.
    • News from Steve & Faith about their recent trip Stateside.
    • Board meeting and ministry updates.
    • Premature Infant Rescue: An update on Onisia.
    • Lespwa: We all need a hope for something beyond the here and now. This month we look at the movie that introduces this Hope, how this ministry is interwoven with other IMF ministries, and Asillio, the Haitian man who is dedicated to this project.
    • Hospital News: HIV/AIDS, one disease which presents a particular challenge; an overview of the hospital facility and services.
    • Premature Infant Rescue: We have had several premies recently, each with their unique story: twins, May2, Roo and Onisia.
    • Reflecting on the Holy Spirit.
    • Hospital News: Six nursing students are getting some on-the-job experience and a group of 19 health agents received a 3-day training seminar.
    • Food Bearing Tree Project: We gave out approximately 250 saplings during our first big food bearing tree distribution.
    • Betsy shares a story about a 6-year-old girl named Michnika.
    • Reflecting on the amazing sacrifice the Creator of heaven and earth.
    • The Cistern Project: Details about the cisterns that changes family's lives.
    • Asillio, and sharing the Source of spiritual refreshment.
    • Betsy shares a story about a little 4-year-old girl that was severely burned.
    • Lespwa: Showing the movie and plans for an in-depth study of the Bible using The Hope curriculum.
    • Hospital Roof Replacement:The electrical renovation is now complete.
    • Hospital: An increase in the number of patients, we continue to have cholera patients, and the x-ray machine quit (good thing we purchased a backup)
    • Prayer request for rain.
    • The local mango trees are covered in blossoms.
    • Food Tree Project: The seedlings are ready for new homes come the rainy season.
    • The Cistern Project: As we wind up the building of cisterns for this stint, we are humbled that we have been able to build 56 since commencing last fall.
    • Lespwa: Mars Hill Productions offers an in-depth study guide that can be used with the film and it is our desire to begin a study for interested folks using the French version of this study guide.
    • Hospital Roof Replacement:"We'll try not to gush. In the last newsletter we related that we hoped to be able to report that the hospital roof was completed. Well, it is. It is hard to imagine how it could have gone better." Read about the team, the talent, and their hard work for the Lord.
    • We took delivery of the new mission vehicle.
    • We recently became able to receive donations via our web site: Donations or Needs
    • Of course, best of all, Betsy Rennells came to join us in the work in January.
    • Looking at 2013 . . .
    • Information concerning some of the medical issues of the people we have been able to help in the area.


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