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    • A message from Curt Meadows, IMF President of the Board, on behalf of everyone at International Missionary Fellowship.
    • Matt learns new skills with the donation of a new cast saw and cast removal tools.
    • We recently completed construction on our new patient waiting area.
    • We are very excited to begin the construction of a 450 square foot administration building.
    • We are privileged to announce the hiring and development of two new critical roles at the mission. First is our new hospital assistant administrator, Guerson Faubert, second is Sadrac Pompilus, our accountant.

  • There is no newsletter for November 2017.

    • On October 12, Steve & Faith Leach and Betsy Rennells said goodbye to Bombardopolis, Haiti, after 21 years and 5 years, respectively.
    • In lieu of the monthly newsletter for September, here are a few updates from Bombardopolis:
    • A large solar installation.
    • The hospital staff threw a big suprise farewell party for Steve, Faith, and Betsy.
    • Food Bearing Tree Project: With abundant rain this summer, the Lord blessed us with a healthy crop.
    • We were excited to have two mission teams join us this summer. Both teams, one from Foothills Community Church in South Carolina and the other from Round Grove Baptist Church in Missouri, share their trip reports and photos.
    • A Story of Loss - by Sarah Rideout
    • In July we hosted a recent high school graduate and our first intern, Sierra Kestner.
    • After months of preparations and hard work, we received a shipping container filled with approximately 30,000 lbs worth of solar, medical and shop equipment, plus more.
    • We had a special visit from the Ayiti Air Ambilans (Ambulance) lifeflight program, explaining the services they offer.
    • Willow celebrated her birthday this month with a special strawberry cream cheese banana bread.
    • Paul Northen - a special visit to Bombardopolis.
    • Hospital Evangelique: A young patient turns out to be one of a set of twins that Betsy and Grace helped take care of in July 2010.
    • The Cistern Project: 13-cistern project preparations; 9 inches of rain.
    • Food Bearing Tree Project: Strawberries, cherries and mangos - oh, my!
    • Excerpts from Faith's Journal - "This journey started 21 years ago . . ."
    • Hospital News: Looking at the changes and growth in the hospital over 21 years.
    • The Cistern Project: We have been using the dry time to repair cisterns.
    • Betsy had a unique opportunity when a team of 12 came from her home church to work with a mission in Port-au-Prince.
    • Matt and Sarah Rideout have had a busy month getting settled in at Bombard while diving right into projects and training.
    • Hospital Evangelique: It's also been a busy month at the hospital with consultations, mobile clinics, and numerous administration and finance meetings; there has been an increase in typhoid cases in the area over the last 6-12 months.
    • Premature Infants: Betsy and Faith reflect on a surprise visit from a 2-year-old girl and her parents, whom they cared for Dec 2014 – Feb 2015.
    • Steve shares the "God is big, He does what he wants" story behind how God brought the Rideout family to Bombarde in answer to prayer.
    • Steve introduces Matt and Sarah Rideout and their three children as their replacements to carry on the work in Bombardopolis.
    • A word from the president of the IMF Board of Directors.


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