We sure appreciate your interest in the Lord's work here in Bombardopolis. We take very seriously the responsibility of stewardship of the funds He provides. As a relatively small mission with minimal overhead, we are able to ensure that any donation made goes 100% as designated. Our promise is to use all funds with integrity and efficiency.

Specific Projects You Can Support:

  • Hospital Evangelique


    Status: 50% funded

    Updated: 10 March 2014
    Our hospital sees an average of 750 patients per month and has an inpatient capability of 18. We charge the equivalent of 25 cents for an office visit. No one is ever turned away because of an inability to pay. A donation to the hospital can help us deliver healthcare to some of the poorest folks on the planet.

    The monthly hospital cost includes:

    • Medicine and medical supplies
    • Lab and other diagnostic tests
    • Haitian staff salaries
    • Maintenance and repair

    Find out more: hospital information | hospital news

  • Lespwa - The Hope


    Status: 50% funded

    Updated: 17 September 2012
    There is a film, aptly entitled The Hope, that gives an extensive overview of God, The Bible, and His plan for all of us. Using film clips to aid in the message, The Hope (Lespwa in Haitian Creole) begins by highlighting the deep desire within each of us to understand why and how we are here. God's plan is put forth starting with Creation and mankind's choice to sin and God's holiness and intolerance of sin. Moving through the stories of Adam & Eve, Noah, Babel, Abraham & Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses and the Exodus, the birth, ministry, death and resurrection of Christ, the film beautifully explains God's authority and plan, and challenges us to make a choice to live for Him. We plan to show this film on a big screen throughout our area. A lay preacher will be working with us to make comments at the end of the film and be available to answer questions. It will cost us $25 per showing, which will cover wages and fuel.

    Find out more: Lespwa information | Lespwa news

  • The Cistern Project


    Status: Always someone in need of a cistern

    Updated: 22 July 2014
    Our cistern project was begun in 2001. At that time we dared to hope to someday be able to build 50 cisterns. As of mid-2012, we have been able, by God's grace, to build over 300. A cistern is a life changing thing for a family as otherwise they have to carry by hand all the water they need for survival, often several miles each day. A family who is fortunate enough to have a cistern constructed on their property has to be willing to have a lot of sweat equity invested in it. The cistern they receive will surely last a lifetime, and likely for generations to come. You could have the privilege of impacting a family with the love of Christ by becoming involved with us in this project. A family-sized, 1400 gallon cistern costs us $600 to construct.

    Find out more: cistern information | cistern news

  • The Widows Home


    Status: Fully funded

    Updated: 6 September 2012
    Widows who are unable to help themselves seem to figure prominently in God's economy. While we believe that, whenever possible, family should provide for widows, there are often situations here that for one reason or another leave a widow helpless. We provide an environment where widows can live out their lives in comfort and security.

    Find out more: widows home information | widows home news

  • Bibles


    Status: 50% funded

    Updated: 3 May 2014
    We try to get Bibles in the hands and homes of folks that can and will read them. It has always been our practice to give a Bible to folks for whom we build a cistern after the construction is done. It is our desire to expand this ministry in conjunction with The Hope film project. The value of anyone having their own personal Bible is obvious, though this is complicated here some by the high rate of illiteracy, making discretion in giving the Bibles out necessary. We plan to work with trusted local pastors to accomplish this. A complete Bible costs $7.50. We can purchase a case of Bibles for $150.

    God's Word promises in Isaiah that it will not return void.

    Find out more: Bibles information

  • The Food Tree Project


    (or $1.92/tree, based on a conservative estimate of 500 trees per year)

    Status: 100% funded

    Updated: 22 July 2014
    Drought often claims crops that folks here depend upon to feed their families. It is often a difficult decision as whether to spend meager resources on seed to plant, which may be claimed by drought, or to use the money to feed the family in the short term instead and risk missing a harvest later. By getting well established food bearing trees that they can plant in their yard, we are able to help them to have nutritious food in season that is less dependent on rainfall. A family or individual who receives a tree will see the love of Christ in a tangible way. They will need to be responsible for helping the tree to prosper, they will learn how to best enrich the soil and, if applicable, they will learn how to divert water to their tree(s) when it rains. They will need to have the foresight that in due time they will have a source of food for them and their families for much of the year. Where possible, we will implement this opportunity in conjunction with The Cistern Project, ensuring water availability as needed.

    Find out more: food tree information | food tree news

  • Supplemental Milk Program


    Status: 100% funded

    Updated: 24 July 2014
    From time to time infant formula is needed for a finite amount of time. Cases of a premature baby who needs nutrition while getting strong enough to thrive on his/her mother's milk or whose mother dies in or shortly after childbirth are examples of situations in which we would intervene.

    Find out more: nutrition information | nutrition news

  • Premature Infant Care

    Status: Fully funded

    Updated: 17 September 2012
    Newborns are sometimes born at the hospital who are too small and weak to nurse. At times, complications during birth add to the challenge. We are often able to intervene and save these babies. They require frequent, small feedings, or sometimes a feeding tube, nurturing and warmth. Sometimes they require antibiotics related to birth complications. Most of the premies we care for are between 2½ and 3½ pounds. We have been able to rescue over 50 such infants who are now living healthy lives with their parents.

    Find out more: premature infant information | premature infant news

  • Emergency Fund


    Status: TBD

    Updated: 22 September 2012
    It is not difficult to understand that in the poorest area of the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere there is little, if any, safety net in the case of an emergency. When situations such as home fires, or natural disasters present, we like to be prepared to lend a hand and in so doing, show the love of Jesus.

  • Missionaries

    Steve & Faith Leach

    Fully funded
    more info

    Matt & Sarah Rideout

    Betsy Rennells

    Our missionaries are supported by donations from individuals and churches. They live simply, and as with all the items mentioned above, are careful to apply good stewardship to any donations received.

We welcome your involvement in our ministry. We take seriously the stewardship of prayer and funds afforded us. We pledge to spend neither frivolously.

Remember: Every dollar given is used as directed.

God the Father makes this ministry possible; your generosity in prayer and finances make us partners in this ministry together with Him.

Thank you. May God bless you.

Your Tax Deductible Financial Support may be sent to:
International Mission Fellowship
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