International Missionary Fellowship - Lespwa (The Hope)

  • A small community called Rivier Henne where we showed Lespwa in Feb 2013. The green is because of irrigation from the rivier (river).

  • A couple of neighborhood boys

  • Folks coming to see Lespwa. They have been to a spring and are carrying water with them to take home after seeing the film.

  • Watching the film

  • Standing room only - it is common for the inside of the church to be packed and for folks to stand outside to see Lespwa.

  • Little blurry, it is nice when the kids naturally sit up close and the adults sit further back, makes it better for everyone to see.

  • A pastor and his family in front of his church where we showed Lespwa.

  • Watching intently

  • Seeing the face of Hope

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