International Missionary Fellowship - Food Bearing Tree Project

  • Genic mixing soil

  • Steve grinding leaves

  • The good stuff

  • More ground gold

  • Mango flower - lots of potential mangos

  • Mixing it up

  • Sprouts

  • Sprouts

  • Seedlings

  • Seedlings

  • A father and daughter working together

  • Steve giving planting tips

  • Happy ladies

  • Mango tree in full flower

  • Flowers...same tree closer

  • Mango flowers

  • Mature tree with fruit

  • Same tree closer

  • Immature fruit on a mature tree

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Local Varieties

In addition to mango and avocado trees, we are growing almond, several types of native citrus, and tropical cherry.

This project is in keeping with our philosophy of helping folks help themselves. We are not trying to introduce new varieties but seek to make types of fruit that folks are already familiar with and fond of available to them for home and garden planting.