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God has a mysterious plan for us, for all of His creation. From the concept of His choosing us to believe and be redeemed before He laid the foundations of the heavens and the earth. Adonai Himself, as well as His plans and ways, are far above our ability to understand, still He calls us to know Him. He calls us into a relationship with Him. The new life He gives us is a life in which we are to be engaged. It is a life that is possible only because of the grace He poured out on us through the sacrificial death and glorious resurrection on His beloved son Jesus Christ.

Though we can look around us at His creation to see His power and limitless creativity, we need something more to discern His will for us, His plan for our present and eternal lives. God has given us His Holy Word, The Bible, so that we can better know Him and His will, his ways, the extent of His love and mercy, and also the extent of His wrath and judgment. God calls us to come to faith in Christ as little children. He also calls us to spend our lives growing in Him and toward Him, becoming more like Him, not to be static and stagnant. The Bible contains the knowledge we need to live this life of faith.

I think that most Americans that want a Bible have one, or five, or ten. Many Haitians who want a Bible do not have one. A high rate of illiteracy here makes effective Bible distribution more challenging. Still, there are many people who can benefit from having their own personal Bible. We have a resource through which we can purchase Creole Bibles very reasonably. We do our best to get them into the hands of folks who can and will use them. We use some of our other ministries as we give Bibles away.

First, related to The Cistern Project, one of our men goes to the family who received a cistern, after it is completed, and gives them a Bible and tells them that they have already received a rainwater cistern to help meet their physical needs, and in The Bible, they have a cistern that as they use it will always quench their life's thirst. Second, related to the showing of The Hope (Lespwa), we discreetly give the pastor of the church wherever we show the film three Bibles and encourage him to get them into the hands of folks who can and will use them. Third, we try to be alert and sensitive to folks around us who will use a Bible. We hope that the Bibles we get to give are always treasured and used, never taken for granted or left on a shelf.

Bible Ownership

Adults who say their household owns a Bible: Nearly 9 out of 10 (88%)
Bibles per household: Median of 3.4
Source: American Bible Society, The State of the Bible 2011

Though we know that there are many folks in our area who do not have a Bible and would like to have one, it is difficult to get accurate statistics regarding Bible availability here. It is our hope to distribute Bibles in such a way that they will be treasured and used, not left on a shelf or sold. Ultimately we would like for everyone who will use a Bible to have one.

Literacy rate

Definition: Age 15 and over, who can read and write.
Male: 54.8%
Female: 51.2% (2003 estimate)
Source: Compassion International

Bible Ministry Needs

Status: 50% funded
$7.50 / Bible
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